Relics of St. Maria Goretti in Chicago

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I received an email yesterday evening from Fr. Joshua Caswell of St. John Cantius in Chicago:

We thought you would be interested to know that the major relics of St. Maria Goretti are currently touring the United States for the first time. St. John Cantius Church is hosting the relics for 24 hours on October 12. The official website is: Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

They’ve put together quite a nice website, along with this beautifully-produced promotional video:

Why make the visit? As our world lies steeped in sins of the flesh, it seems an appropriate time to venerate this young saint who believed so strongly in purity that she gave her life for it. These events are also known to bear great fruit in the spiritual and temporal life of the faithful:

Father Carlos Martins, a Custos Reliquiarum (ecclesiastically-appointed curator of relics) and director of Treasures of the Church, has been appointed to lead this tour of the sacred remains of St. Maria Goretti to the United States.

Fr. Martins, who has been a curator of relics for North America for almost 20 years, remarks that “God never disappoints,” but always “shows up” at an exposition. “There are healings at each one. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, have been reported to me. Spectacular ones. Attendees have reported cancer, heart disease, tumors, osteoporosis, physical deformities, etc., disappear immediately and completely.” Though a great number of miracles have been physical, he admits that the most spectacular is the healing of faith where a new and deeper relationship with God and His saints are formed in the faithful.

The relics will be at St. John Cantius for 24 hours, during which time a TLM will be offered:

The day’s events in Chicago will feature a Solemn Mass at 7:30 p.m., offered in the presence of the remains of St. Maria Goretti by Bishop Joseph N. Perry, auxiliary bishop of Chicago. The Mass will be offered in Latin, in the “extraordinary form”—the same form of the Mass that the young Maria Goretti and her family would have attended in Italy. The choir of St. John Cantius Church will complement the ceremonies withsacred music. Some relatives of St. Maria Goretti are anticipated to be in attendance.

This looks to be a very special event and unique opportunity for our readers in the Chicago area, or those able to make the pilgrimage there for this occasion.

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