Pope Francis Says Jesus’ Words ‘Rock Our World’

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In his weekly Angelus address on Sunday, Pope Francis said that Jesus’ words are sometimes hard to accept, that they “rock our world” and challenge our secular mentality, because he doesn’t offer immediate success but a longer road to true happiness.

Referring to the Sunday gospel reading, where many of Christ’s disciples abandon him after hearing him preach about the “bread of life,” the Pope said that “even the disciples cannot accept the Master’s troubling language.” And so they exclaim: “This is a hard saying. Who can accept it?”

The Pope said that when Jesus speaks of his own flesh as the bread of life, saying he would “give his flesh as food and his blood as drink,” his words “provoked disappointment in the people, and they judged them unworthy of the Messiah.” They wanted Jesus to be a Messiah who would attain immediate success, rather than a Messiah ready to go to the cross to save humanity, and so they deserted him.

The fact is, Francis said, that they understood Jesus’ words perfectly well, but they couldn’t accept them because they “undermined their mentality.”

“The words of Jesus always rock our world,” he said, because they challenge the ways of secular society.


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