New 1P5 Layout – A Brief Tutorial

If you’ve been struggling to find things in our new layout, this brief tutorial video should help you to get your bearings.

For those who would rather not watch the video, here are the basics:

We have a featured content area at the top of the homepage. This is where our top 10 stories of any given moment are. In order to see all of these stories, however, you need to click through the arrows at the top right of the content overlay:


These images no longer auto-rotate, which gives more time for people to read the headlines and excerpts. Every time we add a new story to the featured content area, it pushes the oldest of the top 10 down into the full site feed below.

The second area of concern is the sidebar – specifically the search field. We hid the sidebar to minimize the visual distractions on screen, but it’s still there. Just click here, which is located at the top-left of the page:


Then you’ll see the full sidebar. Just click again to close:


Those are the big changes. There are category menus at the top and the bottom of the website (click the button at the top that says “Browse Our Articles & Podcasts” to see the dropdown.

The mobile version of the site looks a bit different, but the functions are essentially the same.

We hope that these changes will actually make the site more reader-friendly, not less. If you have any questions, post them in the comment box below.

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