ISIS: Surprisingly Sophisticated, Extremely Well-Funded

Among other things, the Islamic State has a shocking amount of money — $2 BILLION dollars — four times as much as the Taliban. And their wealth is growing, with $3 million dollars a day in oil and gas revenue from captured facilities. (If you’re wondering who is buying, it’s all black market.)

And they have other sources of income besides:

ISIS infograph

The statistics go on, and they’re surprising. 80,000 fighters control 470,000 square miles and 6,000,000 people.

And of course, they have vowed to conquer Rome, the seat of global Christianity by means of the Catholic Church.

If you want a better sense of the growing threat posed by the Islamic State, and the way they’re using social media amplification to increase their message and expand their reach, the whole thing is worth a read.

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