Get Coffee, Help Support 1P5. Everyone Wins.

Well, intrepid readers, if there’s one thing that goes with reading thousands of words about any topic, it’s the caffeine to power you through.

This is why I’m happy to introduce 1P5 Coffee. Through a partnership with the good folks at Lifeboat Coffee Co., we now have our own online store, where a percentage of every purchase goes to support our work.

Coffee Store Banner

With free shipping on every purchase, you get the coffee you want, supporting a cause you care about, delivered straight to your door.

At the moment, we’re offering six coffee options – three different regular roasts, one flavored, two decaf. You’ll note (with amusement, I hope) that our decaf blends are labeled, “Post-Conciliar” and “Novus Ordo”, respectively.

There’s a story there.

Many years ago, I attended a talk given by the inimitable Fr. George Rutler. During a break between speakers, he was in the back rummaging through the various teas, and having a hard time finding a full-bodied, caffeinated tea.

“This is all Novus Ordo tea,” he lamented. “I’m looking for the Tridentine tea!”

His comparison amused me to no end. And while it pre-dated my own attachment to the traditional liturgy, it stuck with me. And now that I have the chance to use it, I’m not passing it up.

In any event, we’re always trying to get people to wake up and smell the coffee. This just makes that a bit easier.

To order now, go to

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