Catholic Faithful ask Bishops to Abandon the Failed Synod

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It’s time to make a stand.

Dear 1P5 Readers,

I’m sure that you are as concerned about the Synod on the Family as I am. As the evidence mounts that the Synod’s outcome has been pre-determined, I have joined a number of other concerned Catholics in writing an open letter. In it, we request that those Synod fathers who are faithful to Christ’s teachings, if they continue to be thwarted in their efforts, walk out of the Synod before it is over rather than allow their participation be interpreted as support.

You can view the letter here. It is presented in the format of a petition, allowing Catholics to add their signatures. We would like to reach as many people as possible in the time we have left.

I know you are busy, but at this crucial time, I ask that you read the petition and consider signing it and sharing it with your social media contacts, family, and friends. We will be pushing it out through social media channels with the hashtag #SynodWalkout.

Even at this late hour, we must try to protect the faith.

Please Sign the Letter Today.

Thank you for your consideration of this crucial effort.

In Christ,
Steve Skojec
Publisher & Executive Director

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