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1P5 Podcast – Episode 25: Gratitude and Thanksgiving


Cicero called gratitude the “parent of all virtues.” Gratitude has perhaps never been more universally praised than it is today. But what is the proper object of gratitude? For what should we be most thankful on this day set aside for gratitude?


4 thoughts on “1P5 Podcast – Episode 25: Gratitude and Thanksgiving”

  1. That was wonderful! A happy, blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family.




    With prayer I start the Thanking Day,

    At dawn I kneel,
    Te Deum, pray.

    I dress for Mass
    then wake a son.

    He’ll serve the
    priest, a chosen one.

    A hushed low Mass
    right after Matins,

    Our Lord above
    all sons’ gold patens.

    He’ll lay upon my
    wicked tongue,

    I pray, forgive,
    amidst, among

    Where in the pew
    with head bowed low

    I give Him thanks
    ’till time to go –

    Back to the world
    with sin so murky,

    But now I’ve

    …to stuff that

  2. Well said, Steve. I’ve put the iphone down for the time being when the children are around (like you, I think, we have 8 children ages 14 on down to a week old). What a difference so far!


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