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Matthew Reid is a retired police officer living on the eastern coast of the United States.

Aurelio Porfiri is a composer, conductor, writer and educator. His music is published in Italy, France, USA, China and Germany. He has published more than 60 books. With Mons. Athanasius Schneider has published The Catholic Mass, now translated in several languages. He writes from Italy.

John Byron Kuhner edits the online journal In Medias Res for the Paideia Institute. He is working on a biography of Vatican Latinist Reginald Foster, O.C.D. He lives in Steubenville, Ohio.

Dom Alcuin Reid is the founding Prior of the Monastère Saint-Benoît in Brignoles, France and is a liturgical scholor of international renown—author of The Organic Development of the Liturgy: The Principles of Liturgical Reform and Their Relation to the Twentieth-Century Liturgical Movement Prior to the Second Vatican Council (Ignatius Press, 2005), which bears a Foreword by Joseph Ratzinger, and the editor of the T&T Clark Companion to Liturgy (Bloomsbury, 2015), among many other collections of scholarly papers.

Ian Stone is a traditional Catholic husband and father from Massachusetts. He is a theology and philosophy student who enjoys reading, writing and sharing the Catholic faith.

Christian Wagner converted to the Catholic faith in October of 2021 as a married Anglican Seminarian. He is currently studying Classical Protestant Theology at Davenant Hall and intends to do PhD research in the same vein after graduation this year. His research interests center around the interaction between Classical Protestant and Classical Thomist thought. He runs an apostolate called "Scholastic Answers" which has a YouTube channel and a website where he produces educational material that introduces Thomistic philosophy and theology (in line with the manuals).

Sebastian Morello is a lecturer, public speaker, and columnist. He has published books on philosophy, history, and education. He lives in Bedfordshire, England, with his wife and children.

James Bogle is a barrister (trial attorney) in practice in Britain for 30 years in constitutional, public and commercial law, a former British cavalry officer, and a writer and historian. He is also a Knight of Malta and was President of the International Una Voce Federation promoting the traditional Roman rite from 2013-2015.

Mr. Nicholas Cavazos is a philosophy and theology student at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, currently working on his master’s in theology with an emphasis in Thomistic studies. He converted to the Church through the avenue of the Traditional Latin Mass and runs a show on YouTube called “The Traditional Thomist." He is also a Third Order Dominican with a Traditional Dominican community.

Alexander Battista is a Catholic writer in the United States.

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